Community Guidelines

Creating Your Community is a project dedicated to bringing communities together by sharing their stories and photos. A community is classified as a group of individuals who share common interests, beliefs or traditions, regardless of location.  The Community Guidelines have been established to better define what we are looking for and what it means to you to be a community.  

What to do:

Do upload any information or materials you feel represents your Colorado community.   We ask that file sizes should not exceed 32 MB and are in png, gif  or jpeg format. 

Do verify/identify your information when you upload items.  We want to know more about the item and its context.  Only you know about your materials and only you can tell us what they are.  As much as we like looking at old photographs if we don’t know the particulars it won’t be as interesting. 

Do post comments on anything that tickles your fancy.  Commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts are welcome and consistent with DPL’s commitment to intellectual freedom. 

Do agree that by posting content you give permission to the Denver Public Library to display digital reproductions of items on the Creating Your Community website and the DPL Digital Collections website.

What not to do:

Do Not attack another user’s material.  We are all human beings and have our own beliefs, lifestyles, and philosophies.  Please remember that other people are using this site and deserve to have their opinions heard without fear of being personally attacked or subjected to offensive materials. Any spam, flaming, personal attacks, un-authorized advertisements, inappropriate/offensive language and/or materials, as well as off-topic comments are not permitted.

Do Not advertise your business or any commercial institution.  We do not want to see images with your company’s logo.  We are here to tell the history of your community, not get people to spend money at your business.  Denver Public Library does not endorse any commercial institutions, so please, don’t try.

Do Not forget your audience.  We value the freedom of speech and creativity; however, there are things that require your common sense and courtesy.  As this site is intended for a wide audience, Creating Your Community is intended to give people the ability to highlight their communities.  Many of the people who use this site don’t really want to see nudity, explicit imagery, sexual content, gory/graphic scenes, illegal, or otherwise shocking materials.  If it is your intent to shock, please go somewhere else. 

Any links that are embedded into the Creating Your Community web-site that are inappropriate, offensive, or pornographic will not only be removed but will be reported to the hosting site as well.  Also, remember that all posts and comments to this site are continuously monitored by Denver Public Library.  Any material that fits into these categories will be removed, and when appropriate the authorities will be notified.

Do Not add materials that isn’t yours.  This includes other people's photos, stories and/or things you’ve stumbled across on the internet that’s not yours.   When you take someone’s creation and pass it off as your own, it can be classified as copyright infringement.  Which can lead to greater problems, so please, don’t even try it.

Do Not add materials that are NOT related to the theme of the website.  We want to tell the story of specific communities and their historical influence on the cultural development of Colorado.  So we ask, no pictures of your cat’s 10th birthday party, unless it’s historically and socially relevant.

DPL reserves the right not to post any content or to later remove it.